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League of legends Placement

Below you can see our League of Legends Placement Calculator. If you have any Questions about it simply Contact us!

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We are EloBoostKing, we are one of the Oldest League of Legends Boosting Business. We have been Operating since Season 1. We have also Accumulated Thousands of Positive Feedbacks and never actualy got a Vegative one.

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League of Legends Solo Boosting is a Service in which our Booster will Play with your Account in order to Reach the ELO you have Requested!

ELO is a Metric that Represents your Ingame Skill. If you Want to be Stronger, or feel like Riot has Evaluated your Skill Level with a Lower ELO than you Deserve, you can Order a League of Legends Solo Boost.

You can Order Various Services from us:

-League of Legends Boost in Solo Queue

-League of Legends Boost in Duo Queue

-League of Legends Placements

-League of Legends Net Wins

-League of Legends Coaching

-League of Legends Ready Made Accounts

Placement Matches are the First 10 Games you will Play on your Account that Will Evaluate your Skill Level and Assign you a Rank. The Ranking can Range from Bronze 4 to Platinum 5 after you have Played those 10 Placement Matches.

It is very Hard to Predict the Outcome of a Placement Matches Series, however we Guarantee 7/10 Wins when playing your League of Legends Placement Matches. Click here for some Examples!

We will be Offering a Free Wins League of Legends Boost, which means we will Rank you to a Minimum of Gold V

League of Legends Duo Queue Boosting is a Service when our Booster will Play in Duo Queue with You without ever Logging in to your Account. Our Booster will use hir/her Account to Complete the Boost!

You should Order Cheap League of Legends Boosting from us because we Offer Industry Leading Standards for all League of Legends Boosting Orders!

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We donate 2% of our Income to Charity every 22nd of the Month.

Buy League of Legends Smurf Accounts and save the Planet, you are a Summoner after all!

Yes your Account is Perfectly Safe! If your Account gets Banned due to our Negligence we Will Issue a Refund Equal to the Value of the Order and Compensate you with what we Believe your Account was Worth.

Yes, you do! Every time you Order a Service from EloBoostKing, such as League of Legends Solo or Duo Queue Boosting or Placement Matches your Account will be Fully Covered by our Insurance Policy.

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