We are a Small Team of IT Professionals who primarily needed Hosting for our own Projects. After we built out our Infrastructure, both our Friends and Business Associates started using it due to the Quality and Uptime we were able to Provide. It didn't take long before we Realized that we should offer our Hosting Services to Everyone!

Ever since that Point, we were able to Grow steadily until Now where we think our Service is Industry Leading in many Aspects. We try to Minimze our Organizational Overhead as much as Possible and push those Savings directly to our Customers. This allows us to be as Cost-Efficient as possible while our Products are Value-Packed.

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Client Feedback

Let's be honest, most Client feedbacks are Fake. That being said we asked Testers to give our system a try and give us their Honest Opinion!

Global Features

These Major Features are GUARANTEED no matter which Services or Products you choose to buy from Us!

24/7/365 Support

We are providing professional Round-the-clock support to our Customers!

Order Insurance

You are Covered by Insurance so if we are at Fault, we will Refund You. Read our TOS

99.9% Uptime

We Guarantee to Process Orders in the Shortest Amount of Time, Usually Within 30 Minutes!